España tiene la sanidad más eficiente de Europa y la 3ª mejor del mundo
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Así lo indica el último ranking de Bloomberg, que analiza más de 200 economías

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Spain has the most efficient healthcare in Europe and the 3rd in the world

As indicated in the last Bloomberg ranking that analyses more than 200 economies.


Thursday, 20 September 2018

The annual Bloomberg report has shown that the Spanish Healthcare System is the most efficient in Europe. In addition, the Spanish healthcare ranks third worldwide after Hong Kong and Singapore and followed by Italy who have made two steps forward compared to the previous year.

This report measures the efficiency of the healthcare systems through life expectancy, the per-capita-health expenditure and the relative weight of the healthcare expenditure of GDP.

In this way, Spain consolidates its position and leaves behind the results obtained in 2014, when the country was in 14th position. In the last few years, the development of the NHS in this obstacle race has been positive, jumping from this position to the 5th and in the last three years to 3rd place.

The United Kingdom has been a big surprise. In the 2015 data, the UK was in the top 10 in the healthcare rankings in Europe. The results may be due to the Brexit vote held in 2016, with the cost and the efficiency of the National Health System, a key issue for the British voters.

Results in America

In the United States the treatments are more expensive, and have not had good results in the ranking, in absolute terms and relating to the average income of the population. The life expectancy of the North Americans is 79 years, this average is exceeded by more than 25 countries.

Chile, for its part, the best classified of Latin America last year, has dropped 23 positions this year. The Chilean government spent 28 basis more points on healthcare relating to annual GDP, while the longevity of their citizens dropped more than two years.

Healthcare tourism

Thailand moved up 14 places to 27, the biggest annual improvement, despite the per capita expenditure falling by 40 percent, while life expectancy increased to 75.1 years. Health tourism is one of the most rapidly growth industries in Thailand.
In the Middle East economies, Israel and United Arab Emirates took first place and both remained in the Top 10 list of last year survey.
Costa Rica, Ireland, Lebanon and New Zealand were added to the final index this year, after having reached the threshold of population, all of them classified among the first 25.
Spain must be maintained third position or even tried to advance its position despite the upcoming warm autumn, with mobilizations announced for the main unions of the sector.

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